CAL is not an accredited laboratory, however, we work under the guidelines of Good Laboratory Practice and are continually networking with accredited laboratories both in Ireland and the U.K. Thus, we can offer a top quality service and provide personal attention in the following areas:


We offer testing for a range of different water types, drinking, ground, waste water / effluent and ultra pure e.g. Reverse Osmosis. Our tests are based on such methodologies as pharmacopoeial, drinking water regulations and standard waste water procedures.
For in-house testing we use a combination of photometric analysis (Hach Lange photometer) along with standard wet chemistry techniques (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS etc.)


Chemical tests on ultra-pure water include pharmacopoeial (e.g. Oxidisability, Acidity, Alkalinity), heavy metals (using ICP-MS) and anion and cation analysis (photometric).
Microbiological tests include Total Viable Count (TVC) and Endotoxin (LAL test).


We offer a reduced parameter potability screen taken from the drinking water regulations (S.I. 122 of 2014) suitable for mains and well water. This testing complies with regulations for local authority standards and is mainly subcontracted to accredited laboratories in the UK. Analysis includes pH, Conductivity, Hardness, anions and cations and a range of metals.

We can also undertake the full directive if required which includes further parameters such as organo-metallic compounds, pesticides, VOC, SVOC and radioactivity. Microbiological tests include TVC, total and fecal coliforms.


We offer a full range of tests on ground water including contaminants such as PAH’s (petroleum hydrocarbons) pesticide and herbicide, solvents, phenols and PCB’s.

Waste Water/Effluent

A number of tests are offered to comply with specific discharge license requirements of our clients. Parameters include, BOD, COD TSS, detergents, oils, fats and greases as well as individual compounds depending on sample composition (e.g. phosphates, nitrates and ammonia).


CAL offers a wide range of chemical analysis in food, that covers such areas as nutritional data for labelling purposes (e.g. protein, fat, carbohydrates), vitamins (water and fat soluble), sugars (total and reducing), fibre (crude and dietary). Food Poisoning Screens by microbiological testing are also carried out for food pathogens e.g. TVC, Total Coliforms, E. coli, Yeast and Moulds, Staph. aureus, Enterobacteriaceae, Clostridium perfringens and Salmonella sp.

Shelf-life studies are also carried out on all food types and assessment is based on the production of spoilage organisms and pathogens. Advice is also offered on Shelf-life time and storage conditions. More specialised tests including aflatoxins, pesticides (including organophosphorus, organochlorine, organonitrogen, pyrethroids, triazines) and amino acids are performed to meet specific client requirements.


Pharmaceutical Analysis

We undertake contract research for the Pharmaceutical Industry. With many years of experience in HPLC and GC-MS analysis, we can set up and validate assays to meet the requirements of our clients, including full ICH Guidelines validation. We undertake raw material testing and pharmacopoeial assays on active ingredients and excipients. We assess Generic Drugs for comparative bioavailability and develop new assay systems for such drug substances. We assist in the development of herbal and complementary drugs.

Veterinary Analysis

We work with Veterinary Drug companies in the development of their drugs, both Ethical and Complementary, in terms of setting up and validating assays for their active ingredients and excipients.

Cosmetics Analysis

We have assisted many cosmetic companies in the development of their products, in terms of ingredient analysis and investigations of problems during manufacture.


Paternity TESTING

CAL offers Peace of Mind Paternity testing using the standard buccal swab method for Alleged Father, Mother and Child. Swabs can be taken under the supervision of a G.P. or here at CAL. The samples are sent to a specialised DNA laboratory in the UK for analysis. The results are 99.9999% accurate in confirming the relationship of the alleged father to the child. Kindly contact the laboratory to discuss.


Procedure differs only with respect to chain of custody. Swabs can be taken under the supervision of a G.P. or here at CAL. Kindly contact the laboratory to discuss.

Other relationship tests available e.g. Sibling Test.
Kindly contact the laboratory to discuss your particular requirements.