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Dr Jack Bloomfield, Scientific Director

Dr. Jack Bloomfield is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin with a B.A. (Mod.), where he also undertook his Ph.D. He had many years of clinical research experience before setting up the Independent Pharmaceutical Research Unit in 1985, which was incorporated into the Chemical Analysis Laboratory in 1990.

As well as Scientific Director of CAL Ltd, he is a senior Teaching Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and has published over 60 medical and analytical research papers.

Philip Morgan.jpg

Philip Morgan, Financial director

Mr. Philip Morgan had a wide range of experience at number of industrial companies in the U.K. and was a senior sales executive at Ruberoid Building Products in the London headquarters prior to moving to Dublin in 1979. He was proprietor of a successful antique shop in Dublin up to 1995, before joining CAL in Trinity College Dublin. Mr. Morgan is now Financial Director of CAL Ltd, as well as a shareholder of the company.

Dan Duff CAL.jpg


Mr. Dan Duff is a graduate of Maynooth University (B.Sc.) and completed an M.Sc. in Trinity College Dublin while working at CAL Ltd as Laboratory Manager. His research in thermal degradation added greatly to our expertise, particularly in the area of GC-MS analysis.

Dan is involved in all aspects of work relating to the general operation of the laboratory, (enquiries, analytical testing and research).